Feb 22, 2009

Our weekend

Our weekend started with some time family.  The older boys ended up spending the night with their cousins after we'd all hung out for a couple hours, took some photos, had some dinner and watch Wall*E.  Bryan came home with us and we got a ok nights sleep, nothing too different,
Saturday morning I heard that my friend had FINALLY had her baby she's headed to the hospital to have Thursday afternoon.  She had Brooklyn Friday night at 10 something, after about 22 hours of active labor.  Brooklyn is a tiny little peanut, just under 5 pounds and 18 inches.  I can NOT wait to see her and take some photos of her!!!  But since I recall how tired I was after a 'mere' 7 hour labor, I am letting her tell me when she's ready!!!

After picking up the boys we headed to Grampa and Gramma H's house for dinner. It's been awhile since we had been over there other than a quick visit with all the grandkids for our Christmas celebration. It was a great evening. I took of couple pictures of each of the boys with Gramma. They aren't great technical photos but they are priceless to me.

Timmy And G'ma

Johnny and G'ma

Bryan and G'ma

Then today after church we headed to the mall to get Bryan his first haircut.  He was just starting to get some curls in the back but for some reason the front has been growing like CRAZY since day one so I've already 'unofficially' trimmed the front twice to get it out of his eyes.  But the sides were gettin way crazy as you can see above.  I've been "threatening" to cut it for a good long while.  You see I have a serious issue with my boys and their hair.  If their hair goes over their ears I start chasing them with scissors.  So I have held back awhile with Bryan because of everyone's pleading.  But I couldn't take it anymore.  

So there is goes...snip, snip, snip!
He did pretty well.  He did get a bit mad toward the end a couple times but over all he did a LOT better than I thought he would.
And here's what my sweet baby boy looks like now.  I know I'm weird but I almost want to cry.  It's like looking at a different kid.  I'll get used to it but for now...it's sad.  He looks like a cute little boy not my gorgeous baby anymore.

I'll be drawing for the giveaway in a couple hours so last chance to enter.



  1. Can't wait to see pictures of your friends baby girl.
    Love the new big boy haircut. Why is it that that first haircut makes them so toddler looking? He is adorable either way! So cute!

  2. Omg, I gasped at the picture of B in the chair getting his hair cut. He looks OLD! And so darn adorable...I could just squeeze him!

  3. your header is BEAUTIFUL! I love it...
    I know what you mean about how they are no longer babies after that first haircut. I cried after my sons. Everytime I looked at him, I was shocked. Who would have thought a haircut would make THAT much of a difference!
    Sopping by from MBC!

  4. aww I so am not looking forward to Donni getting his first hair cut.. He may end up having long hair because of my fear to cut it lmao.. dh wants it to be long, I don't.. I have 2 girls already lol. Butttttt... then again I don't want to take him in for that first cut either.. I am conflicted. I like the semi shoulder length long surfer look (like matt umm I cant spell his last name wont even try but the celeb mcaun something lol) but not enough to ponytail look lol..


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