Mar 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday 3-16-09

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. know I apparently did NOTHING all week, because I can NOT remember much that I didn't do during the week!

I know I did NOT have to call my eldest son in to school again today, for the 3rd time in just over a week.
He does NOT have a fever despite being on Amox for week for an ear infection.
He did NOT share his germs with one brother already.
So two out of three of my kids are NOT sick.
And despite all this illness that is not going around, I did NOT get out of the house weekend TWICE for photo shoots.
I did NOT have a marathon photo shoot, that involved 200+ photos. (and of course I will NOT be sharing)
I did NOT have to get up yesterday and do the "welcome and announcements" at church. And if I had, I would NOT have totally stunk at it it. And my papers surely were NOT shaking like leaves in a hurricane
I did NOT then end up leaving service early because my son who'd swore he felt fine before leaving the house was NOT beginning to moan loudly while in church.
After my marathon photo shot I did NOT end up bring home McD's (again) at almost 7:30pm for dinner.
But if I had...they certainly were NOT dumb enough to forget the cheeseburger in a CHEESEBURGER Happy Meal!
Buuut, if they had, there were certainly no tears shed or no yelling done at a manager because of it.
After feeding my kids a super nutrition dinner, at a completely respectable hour, and getting then snuggly into heir bed, I did NOT go back out! And did NOT stay out until 1am!
I would NOT have done so hoping that I could actually sleep in since, hubby was working and Timmy would have to be called into school.
And Bryan did NOT end up waking up just before 7am.
But all three of them are not back in bed sleeping now at 12:30pm!
And of course, I am NOT sitting here using this time to play on the computer when I could be cleaning or doing some much needed laundry!



  1. awww happy not me Monday! what a bummer about the cheeseburger - I would have been the one crying! LOL

  2. A nutritious dinner at a respectable hour...I always do that! LOL

    Great list!

  3. OOOOOOOOOOO I hate it when the cheeseburger is missing!

  4. great not me monday. 200+ pictures would drive me daft lol

  5. Last time I went to McD's they forgot to put the MEAT on the burger. You'd think it wouldn't take much to fix that, but I swear I stood around another 10 minutes waiting for meat.

  6. Yikes - hope all your family returns to health soon! Yeah, we've had our share of McD days lately... :)

  7. My youngest does NOT have a miserable ear infection too. Yuck

  8. More often than not, I get screwed at the drive-thru

  9. cute not me's and super cute 3 boys! I've got 1 now, with another on the learning quickly the differences between boys and girls...give my kid a stick in the yard and he's good to go!

  10. I'm telling you what - this cold and flu season has been just BRUTAL, hasn't it? B is down AGAIN and I'm on my way to circling the drain. Cara missed TEN days of school this last grading period. It's gotta stop soon.

    Hope everyone is on the mend at your place, soon!

  11. well i would never think about blogging over cleaning!

  12. I hate when you are trying to get the kids something to eat before bed then mc donalds forgets something.
    hope everyone starts feeling better


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