Apr 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday 4-6-09

I'm pretty sure that Not Me! Monday will still not be up and running over at MckMama's for awhile as things are still very much up in the air but thought I'd post my Not Me's and host Mr Linky for anyone else who wants to do their Not Me! post as way of continuing to our support. Not that we're moving on and forgetting but that we're upholding this tradition in HONOR of MckMama and sweet Stellan by being brutually honest and living living to tell about it.
This week has been strange sort of week. But here are a few things that certainly did NOT happen in my house.
  • I did NOT attempt to make laundry a job for my husband, since he's home full time. I am the perfect stepford wife who amazingly does it all, and never complains so I enjoy that task entirely too much. But...if I had, it was NOT totally unsuccessful. And I would NOT be embarrassed to tell you HOW unsuccessful and what garment my eldest son wore to school dirty today.
  • I was NOT pleasantly surprised one afternoon to come home to a clean kitchen and no dirty dishes. Of course I wasn't surprised because the kitchen is ALWAYS clean. But...if I had, I was most definitely not unpleasantly surprised yesterday to find that some of the dishes weren't infact clean but hidden out of site in what used to be my exclusive emergency hiding spot.
  • My oldest son did NOT receive a packet of 24 pages of homework for Spring Break. That'd just be cruel and unusal. But...if he did, he wouldn't have had more than half of it done by Monday and all of it done by Thursday!
  • I did NOT at anytime swear I was selling every item in our house that could be considered a video game, including the computers. My children at NOT addicted to video and online games. And my children NEVER whine in attempts to get what they want. Therefor, I NEVER crack!!
  • I did NOT let the boys eat "dinner" outside on Saturday despite it being in the...40s. They did NOT eat said meal on a dirty ole outdoor toy box without washing their hands! And I did NOT do any of this due to feeling guilty that this was the first day of my sons week of spring break that they'd actually been outside.
  • And I did NOT take photos of them dancing around in just their undies last night. They did NOT beg me to do so. And they were NOT doing so after they'd actually been sent to bed for the night but were out for round TWO of bathroom runs. And as a good mom, I did NOT share these photos with anyone, that'd just be mean!
  • I do NOT have a secret that I can't really blog about only because it might ruin the surprise. If I did, I am NOT such a horrible secret keeper that I'd feel the need to share that I have it just to let a little of the "pressure" out before I blow it! And I'm not cruel enough to write about things that I can't write about!
  • And I am NOTcounting the hours until my blogiversary. For which I do NOT have some great giveaways planned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, that's silly, I have much more important, serious things to be thinking about.

Please jump on in and and share what hasn't been going on in your life this last week. You'll feel better if you do.



  1. Thanks for posting a "Not Me! Monday. Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for hosting this. And you had me giggling about the underwear dancing... that NEVER happens in our household, LOL.

    Happy Almost Bloggiversary!


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