May 9, 2009

It's Hip Hop Baby

Even though we're just finally getting to nice enough days to be able to get outdoors, I know some of you are gettting close to the days were you'll be staying in more because of the heat.  So for those long winter months, if you're in the frozen north, or the hot summer months if you live steamy south, what do you do to keep your kids active?
We do lots of playlands and bounce house places.  But a while ago I tried a family excerise DVD.   I was dieting and working out and thought if the kids did it with me I'd be able to find time to do it more.  But I'll give you one guess as to how well that went and the answer is not Great.  As much as they bounce off the walls, following directions and doing exercise wasn't going to happen.  They did think watching me was completely acceptable though.  Yeah, I don't think so.

So I was interested to check out It's Hip Hop Baby.  And despite how it may sound, it's not for babies.  It's recommended for ages  2-6.  But as you MAY have noticed I do have a baby in the house so he got a peek at it and I'll say I was surprised that my music loving guy wasn't so into it.  But Johnny was.  He actually thought it was pretty cool.  He has always loved to dance and seemed to have at least a little natural talent in that area.  I ever tried taking him to a dance class once.  But it didn't go well because he's too shy and he was the only boy.  But he is also the one that had the greatest dislike for the exercise DVD.  He did take a little time to warm up to It's Hip Hop Baby.  And he watched more than he moved but I think the more times he watches the more he'll move.  And likely the more I do it with him the more he'll do it.  I admittedly have NO rhythm but I'm willing to do just about anything for the enjoyment of my kids.  If I dance, Johnny will dance and Bryan will crack up!  I only wish we had more room to do it because I think it could really be a blast for all of us to get down with.
Now I have to say, I found the chick annoying as can be, I'm not going to lie.  It's also not a super high budget looking production but the one it was geared towards thought it was pretty cool and that's what matters to me.  To me, I'd compare it to the Baby Einstein series but for older kids to move to.  There are three different It's Hip Hop Baby DVDs available at



  1. hm..sounds nieces might REALLY love this because they loooooooove to dance! :) thanks for the critique :) -megan

  2. It does sound interesting. My boys will often do workout videos of mine with me. I wonder if they'd like to do one geared toward them.


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