Jun 2, 2009

A new calling

If you know me at all, you know that I just have nothing going on. Really I NEEDED another project to fill my days! Or maybe not. But I've gone around and around with this tugging at my heart to start a separate blog specifically for growing my heart for prayer. Back in September my husband and I led a short term small group as part of a church wide study in prayer. It was an amazing experience as we truly felt and saw the power of prayer. And while I'd love to have jumped in and created some dynamic ministry within our church, I simply don't have the time left in the day, when most sane people are awake. However, I have decided that since I haven't gone to bed before 11 (usually midnight) in a VERY long while, I might as well use those hours more productively. Thus, I've finally stopped trying to hush the voice that's been trying to lead me. I've given in and will simply let go and let God take this where he may.
This may just be me, talking to myself (and God) but if it, than that's what God wanted. But maybe it can be a chance for others to join along side me and grow their prayer lives as well.
My goal is to have what can truly be considered a Prayer Filled Life. Would you like to join me?



  1. I've given in and will simply let go and let God take this where he may.

  2. That is so awesome, Lisa! I've been feeling the same way lately. I have such a hard time finding the time for my prayer and Bible study, but I desperately want it! I've started doing my study alongside Kaya when she gets in bed, reading to her from my Bible instead of the children's Bible. I make it easier for her to understand as I read and we discuss the principles. It has been such a blessed time with her and with the Lord. It's so hard to find the time when you have little ones! I'm with you, Lisa.

  3. Hope you get to launch that other blog for prayers soon. Glad that prayers are religion are playing an important part in your life. Faith is so important and helpful to us in our difficult times.


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