Jun 5, 2009

Winner, Winner....

...well there'll be no chicken dinner here tonight...unless, maybe the Colnel makes it! 

But while I'm sad to say my totally huggable, little man did NOT win the most huggable baby contest, I still feel like I winner because of all of you that voted.  You all are awesome!

However, some one DID win a totally cool $25 gift certificate to Birthday in a Box!

And the winner is...

KatieQ said...
I follow your blog even if I get a little behind!

And yes, I'll even forgive you for falling behind.  You know, even though I NEVER fall behind in anything...ever. (cough cough) Sorry. 
Seriously, that's the best part about blogs, at least in my opinion, I can catch up with people when I have the time.  I am horrible at keeping in touch via the phone because I'm either at work, surrounded by screaming kids (seriously...I can't hide from them ANYWHERE just to get 5 minutes on the phone) or its too late to call most people.  So I blog.  People can read when they have time.  I can read others blogs when I have the time.  And yes I'll ever confess to reading once in awhile with said screaming child attached to me...it's easier, not easy but easier, to read than to try to hear someone on a phone that way.

Ok enough rambling.  I'm still trying to get back to normal from a nasty cold.  Once I do there will be more photos AND more giveaways.  Trust me you will NOT want to miss the next giveaway...so don't fall too far behind!!


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