Aug 3, 2009

Blog Hopping~Encouragement 8-4-09

Thanks to my faith I have a great source of personal encouragement and I also LOVE to share stories of my experience in hopes of providing encouragement to others. I think one of my biggest experiences that I 'hope' bring encouragement to others is that of my marriage.
Just a few short years ago things in our house seemed hopeless. We had weathered some HUGE storms and were very battered and beaten. I had agreed to try start over and a year later I couldn't take it anymore and filed for divorce. But through the prayers of MANY people (including my husband) my heart was softened and I agreed to keep the commitment I'd made. We put our marriage in God's hands and he has blessed it.
I'm not saying that things are perfect! We're BOTH imperfect people, who fall short of each other's expectations. But with the knowledge that we're in this for the long haul we're making it work day by day. I truly believe that there is NO relationship that can't be saved. If we could turn things around, others can too!!
You can fall in love all over again!!!

(**Please not that this does NOT mean I believe anyone should stay in a place where they are being physically harmed!!)

This week's Blog Hop is your favorite quote, spiritual passage , life lesson, saying, PHOTO or encouraging thought. Post your favorite or most meaningful, and then include a sentence or two about what it means to you personally, and how it can encourage other people in their lives.

See my example here: ...STOP
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  1. Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

  2. That was great and just what I needed to hear. Thanks for being transparent.


  3. What a wonderful outcome to a could-be tragic story! I'm so glad you decided to give it another try. Thanks for sharing this. It certainly fit this week's theme! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing - I, too was in a similar position but through ALOT of prayer, hard work and sometimes just hanging in there by the skin of OUR teeth, we just celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary :) & I ALSO agree - NO ONE should stay in a relationship where they (or their children!) are in physical danger!

  5. Hey, hoppin' by to encourage you today! I've got a button for you at my blog



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