Aug 5, 2009

It's Never Too Early

For me, it is NEVER too early to start thinking about Christmas. In fact, I feel like I've fallen behind this year already.
With 3 kids and already living paycheck to paycheck, waiting until December to shop just doesn't work for us. So I typically start scooping up videos as new releases for the cheaper prices and other things as they're on clearance or what not. So for I have nothing hidden away for this year and nothing that they are really pining way for. This is also abnormal as they could typically have a list written by July and actually stick too it.
Yesterday Johnny spotted something on a commercial and said he knew it was probably expessive but did I think maybe he could get it for his birthday or Christmas. So I checked it out, to say that the commercial over emphasized the size of it is an understatement. To say it's overpriced is about the understatement of the year.

So, still no ideas. Traditionally we do one toy/gift they really want and the rest is electronic or educational or something not really toy-ish. This year I'm thinking NO toys would be fabulous but we'll see.

But I was thinking about some Wii or DS games. Wii would be even better as we could all play, maybe. But there are sooo many out there its hard to decide. I look up reviews but after reading so many can hardly remember which one said what. The boys 'like' the LEGO Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but they make ME crazy because they're a little complex for them and I have to spend too much time "helping" them. We rented Sims Kingdom and they enjoyed watching me play but didn't really do much by themselves. They loved Wii Sports bowling and Play's game...shoot what is it called. Its like they have at Chuck E Cheese, you roll the ball UP the thing for 20-50-or 100 points. They also liked BOLT for DS but it went through the wash and doesn't seem to work anymore! :(
So I'd LOVE some ideas.......
The boys will be 6 and 7 (what? how'd that happen?) what is the hot thing this year??



  1. I have started thinking about Christmas too. My boys are 5 and 7 and they seem to like expensive stuff............

  2. ugh i can be of NO help whatsoever to you, since i have my 2 NIECES and all, lol. but i can totally relate to you about the shopping-through-the-year-for-bargains thing... my mom does that too and in fact she's already gotten 2 or 3 people done for christmas already! i love it because it saves money AND makes the christmas season a lotttt less stressful.

    anyhow, sorry you are having trouble with figuring out what to get them. maybe you could just start setting aside a few dollars here and there from each paycheck for a christmas fund and wait til it gets closer and they will (most probably) come up with more ideas of their own?? just a suggestion :)

    xoxo Megan


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