Jul 7, 2009

StoryTots Review

To me there is no better gift for a child than a book. My kids have always loved books and we've always had TONS (literally I think) books in our house. But the favorite books (aside from our VERY loved Bible) have been personalized books.

Recently I got a copy of "Catch those Monkeys" from StoryTots.com that we personalized for Bryan. I would have to say Bryan is the least patience of all my guys with being ale to actually sit through a whole book. But Bryan LOVES this book. I can't honestly say if he understands yet that he's IN this book But he loves the monkeys and all the balloons in it. In this book, one of the personalized things in their favorite color and while it seems like a small detail I think its one of the best parts for Bryan. He is drawn to anything red, so he's in LOVE with the red balloons in this book. You also personalize the character in the book to lok like the child, which is something probably more appreciated by older kids and parents, but I think its cool. We have other personalized books but all the illustrations are done from thier point of view so none of those are actually personalized.

A StoryTots.com book would be great for anyone but especially perfect for shower gifts or for a birthday present for the child who already has 'everything.' To make it extra special you can create a personal message at the begining of the book.

StoryTots.com also has some titles that can personalized to include 2 children.



  1. What a great idea! I know- it is strange how some kids love to be read to and others really just can't sit still long enough. That is my fourth son to a T! I have to wait until nap time to read to him.. and then he falls asleep a minute into the book... I need to check this option out. Thanks for the lead!

  2. Very nice idea. keep going. i hope i can implement this idea in my real life.,


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