Aug 16, 2009

Divide and conquer

So early yesterday our family split and Tom and the big boys went to the Cub Scout overnight camp out, while Bryan stayed with me.

The boys got to make and launch a water rocket, fly model airplanes and help cook dinner. Capped off the night with some smores and then did some (I hear not enough) sleeping in a tent for the first time outside of our yard. This morning they had freshmade donuts and eggs. (MMM donuts)

Bryan and I cleaned and cleaned. The he napped while I showered and then even napped a little myself. When he finally woke from his almost 4 hour nap, I took him with me to Walmart. He is so fun to take out by himself. I got to pick out a snack for himself. He chose some goldfish crackers which he held onto even in the car on the way home. Then he got to hang out with me and some friends that came over. We had some yummy taco dip and BBQ weinies. Then cookies and brownies. And of course lots of laughs and even some little tiny babies snuggles as one of my friends brought her two month old daughter.

It was a little hard not to be with the big boys to see them trying new things, but it was some great time with my littlest man alone.

After church we all came back together and are spending a pretty typical Sunday afternoon, Bryan and Dad are napping and the rest of us are just hanging out.


  1. hi lisa,
    nice to meet you! thank you for stopping by from our lil "tweet this" group! it really means a LOT to me that you stopped by! i'm following you now and hope to share many more stories with you! sounds like you and your little man had a special weekend together w/o the big guys around, sometimes those days are very special memories! enjoy each day the time goes by in a hearbeat!

  2. Your boys are such adorable/handsome little men!! You are so blessed!


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