Aug 13, 2009

My Mom, My Friend

This afternoon I made a rather over due to stop at my mom's for lunch.

It was the best visit I've had with her in a good while. We talked about a little of everything, including one conversation I wasn't really sure how to have but flowed without issue. Finally put together my neice's bracelet that my mom had me buy a replacement charm for...back before last Christmas. But we forget about every time we see each other.

And then we got the fingerprint impressions done for the necklace charm from Imprecious. We scraped out first try but then got to impressions that I think (hope) will work perfectly for an awesome charm that I will cherish forever. Like this one:

But now I'm fighting to keep this positive, strictly positive because part of me is taking the absolute joy I had leaving her house today, after having her tell me, I didn't need to leave so soon and to get myself another drink for the first time in a LONG time. But there's a little voice trying to creep into my head and think about how much I will miss days like this...



  1. (((L))) I'm so glad you had a good day with your mom. So your doing the fingerprint necklace of your mom's print? I love it.

  2. I admire any working mom, especially one with 3 boys! My son starts football on Monday and I already have carpool anxiety!


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