Sep 5, 2009

Monkey Business Sports

If I told you I gave the boys a bow and arrow and let them lose in the yard, would you be scared?
Well you should be!!! Unless of course it was from Monkey Business Sports, because then it'd look like this and actually be called a Sling Bow.

When Monkey Business Sports approached me about reviewing this product, I immediately agreed because my kids LOVE playing outside AND everything that involves weapons.  Of course before having kids I swore I wouldn't have a house full of guns and swords etc.  Which for the most part I have technically stuck to...because these types of toys are kept outside.  But I quickly learned that this is just inherently IN boys.  So we've just taught them some rules as to what we feel is acceptable to do with their "weapons."  
Anyway, since I've long since gotten over my 'weapon' issue, my only concern for this was whether they could actually make it work.  We have tons of outdoor things that have ended up broken because they simply can't use them the right way so instead they use them every wrong way possible!  But they had no problem with it.  
Well they were a little mad that they couldn't make it go as far as I could, but what can I say apparently archery should have been my sport. (Since lord knows nothing else was!)
They even like it enough that they keep their cool and wait patiently for their turn as to not have it whisked away in to toy timeout (where all toys that cause fussing wind up).

To top it off, right now Monkey Business Sports is giving away a free Sky Rocket Mini with every purchase.  We got one but...I have no photos because the biggest kid of all claimed it, for him "and Bryan" to share.  So I haven't gotten to see it in action but it looks way cool.  
(Forgive the odd coloring I have no idea what's with my computer but its making everything in the negative today.)

Here are a few shots of us (oh did I forget to mention that I may have tried it out too?)


Look at that intense concentration...
I can't imagine where he gets that...



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