Sep 4, 2009

Open House

So the worry about the open house last night was pretty pointless. The classes didn't DO anything. It was truly an open house where the kids could show us the room, etc and we could ask questions. It was kind of nice. I went with Johnny to his class while Tom took Bryan over with Timmy to his class. After getting to meet Johnny's partner in crime, I mean, friend, I talked to his teacher a bit. Looks like we'll be getting child #2 evaluated for ADHD. Looks like Johnny has the attention part more, as opposed to Timmy who has the hyperactivity more. But both have both.
Anyway, I didn't have many questions for his teacher as he has the same teacher Timmy did. So when he'd "shown" me most of the stuff they were allowed to, we headed over to Timmy's class. Seeing the room has made me like his teacher even more. It is wonderful. She has some much there for them and her love for her students is so obvious. There is a TON going on in her room visually but then they have little things to sit on their desk for when they are to be quickly working that makes it like a little library cubicle so that helps with the distract. She asked us to give her another week or so to really get Timmy working on stuff his level as she's been busy trying to learn where all the other students are with their skills.
It's funny though because the boy didn't want to do much at all reading/writing wise all summer but he brought home his homework today and sailed through it. Then pulled out a notebook and started practicing his spelling of tougher words. (Their words were like "a,we, I, the..." and he was working on brother, mother... on his own) He struggles with the "rule breakers" like silent e's and c vs k. But I just love watching him just hungry to learn.
Johnny seemed to struggle...for a couple days...with writing his name because I slacked and didn't work on his lower case letters. But today he brought home his name paper and it was gorgeous.
We'll have some things to work out along the way this year to make sure they're really getting the MOST out of school but so far they are both great little students who want to learn!!


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