Nov 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to My First Born!!

I can't believe my first baby is SEVEN years old today!!!  Where has the time gone??
As I consider the last seven years, I am truly in awe of what you've become already.  I know the growth and learning has really just begun but I'm already so proud of you.  You are so smart and so full of life.  While I'll admit that the constant questions can become tiring, your love for learning is amazing.  But is nothing compared to the love and compassion you have.  While I've worked hard to give you all that I could, I can never claim to be a perfect mom.  You have witnessed much in your short years that I wish you hadn't had to.  But I can see that it has grown you into a truly kind hearted person.  While you definitely have your days when it comes to dealing with your brothers, for the most part you are always thinking of others.  You are generous and thoughtful and wise beyond your years.  I cherish our one on one time together because you truly make me a better person.  
You make me, proud little man.  Keep being you! I love you!!!!



  1. Such a handsome guy, too....

  2. aw love it! happy birthday to him! i didnt know him and i shared birthdays 11 days apart :) are ALL the pix in this post of just him? because in some of the younger ones he looks JUST like johnny!!!!! xoxo megan

  3. Awwwwwww!! Happy belated little man. You still need to email me when you get a sec about your cape dear love.


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