Nov 12, 2009

Holiday Magic

I don't know about you, but in our house the doubt is creeping in. It seems inevitably we'll be having a talk with the olders boys soon about keeping our dirty little Santa secret for their little brother. But maybe just maybe I've found a way to get one more year of believing out of them.
Capture Santa in your home



  1. heyyyyy! Speaking of this, (i didnt click on the thing in your blog yet to look at what it is) but this year we're renting a santa!!!! It is pretty costly, the first one we inquired about was freicken $225 for a HALF HOUR! Then we found another one that's 'only' $75 for a half hour...still expensive but much more reasonable. We dont have any doubt around here yet but we figured that 1) it would be SO fun for my nieces to have santa actually show up at our doorstep with their presents and for 2) it may, in the future, squash any doubts they have since santa literally came to our house! maybe you could do that for your boys?!?! :) love ya *megan*

  2. Great idea...we are getting some doubt here:)


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