Dec 30, 2009

Got Some Work To Do

I'm not one to make New Year's Resolutions. They just hold a sense of assumed failure to me.

But this year I do have some serious work to do. I've written before about my inability to be confrontational. But this really is a bigger deal then not being able to send back a miscooked meal. It means I very very rarely tell people how I really feel. But the worst part is sometimes, too often if I'm being honest, I tell others how I really feel. So let's just call a spade a spade and say that makes me two faced and at times a bit backstabbing I suppose. It's not something I'm happy with. But I've recently been forced to look that flaw straight in the face. You see I accidentally sent some very snippy comments to the person they were about instead of who I intended to share it with.

And thus this year, I will be working on not saying things about anyone that I wouldn't say TO them. So I will be working on holding my tongue AND being more honest. As obviously there are some snips that just needn't be said. As "they" say, if you don't have anything nice to say...
But there are times when I really should be simply telling people when I don't at all agree with what they're doing. People don't seem to have issue telling me what they think. I don't know why I can simply not get over the fear of someone not liking me because I'm simply honest.

So what are you working on this year?



  1. I'm working on being more patient with my children. Ok, my DH too :-)

  2. hey lisa! that's a good thing you're working on that HOWEVER, I'll play devils advocate for a second here... u do have to think about the other side of this.. yes according to 'them' u should be saying things to a person that u cant tell them to their face BUT also, u need to be able to vent!!!! When someone is bothering u and ur not sure how to handle it, or approach the person, or someone bugged u at work, or whatever the case is, u SHOULD be able to 'talk behind someones back'... not that its necessarily ideal, but a person can't live life biting their tongue ALL the time, and holding in all their anger/upsetness, etc, ya know?? That will drive you insane!!! Maybe you could try and choose ONE person that you feel you can 'vent' to or whatever, so that whatever happened (about u accidentally sending the comments ABOUT a person TO the person) doesnt happen again, ya know?
    Just a thought :) oxox megan


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