Feb 21, 2010

Good "Clean" Fun

As much as I'm NOT a clean freak, the house work will always be there, or a germaphob, as the old childhood saying goes "God made dirt, dirt don't hurt," I do tend to get a little anxious when my kids are all sticky, messy.

But sometimes it's just too much fun to get to worked up about. And sometimes...well it's just too darn cute. Those are the times I beg them not to touch ME and hold on just a second while I capture the good 'clean' fun!!

The other day while out at Culver's (which I'm a huge fan of not only because I love their food, but they are amazing to our community!) we had one of these moments.



  1. How cute! I think I've given up on keeping my boys clean throughout the day. I can hose them off at the end of the day.

  2. I love it! THAT is what REAL moms do <3


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