Feb 22, 2010

Two year old Trouble

While my two year old is a bit spoiled and doesn't have a huge amount of patience, he isn't really a terrible two at all!
But he certainly has his quirks. As a child who's first word was "cheese" and begs for "more cheese" which actually means take more photos (of him) one would think that taking his portraits would be easy. He literally LOVES my camera. He however has some major aversion to backdrops. Whenever I attempt to put him on one he loses his ability to let me take a good photo. Last week I was off work one day so I figured I should try to get some new portraits of him for his 2 year photos (since it's been almost a month since his birthday). But he refused to stay where I wanted him to and since he seems to be terrified of my backdrop stand I had to be creative with the backdrop and lighting was not good to start with. With him not willing to stay still OR where I wanted him. I did not get good quality photos of him. But...well the expressions are just too cute not to keep. I think I'll keep HIM too!!

I'll try again another day maybe forcing his brothers to just hold the backdrop for me so it can be in a location with some real light.



  1. He's gorgeous! I love his expression in that last one!

  2. LOL...such a precious face! He seems like he would be a handful of fun

  3. OMG! He's so adorable! Congratulations on having a super adorable two year old! Thanks for sharing his cute pictures with us.

  4. What personality shines through in those pictures! It was fun chatting with you on twitter tonight. Hopefully we'll meet up at a conference soon.....

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