Feb 15, 2010

Mama Guilt Mondays, 2-15-10

It was a pretty good weekend for us so not feeling too terribly guilty today. I WOULD like to be home with them today to enjoy a nice quiet day at home since we haven't had one in a while and won't for a couple more weekends.
I did feel bad yesterday when my older boys were trying to negotiate a way to get to go to church! You see we had company coming over at 11. Church starts at 10:45. I had to attend a meeting after service. So my husband was staying home...if the kids went to Sunday School they'd have had to sit through the meeting. Turns out that would have been fine as it lasted all of 15 minutes but I had anticipated much longer. But I tried to look on the positive...my kids were BEGGING to go to church! Yeah that's cuz we have a great children's program with amazing volunteers. (And I'm not at all biased by my position as the Children's Ministry Team Leader.)

But I attempted to make it up to them by making ice cream...from snow! It's amazingly simple. And had I not spilled a little extra vanilla in, they'd probably have liked it better. After a few bites they were saying it was starting to taste funny. Ah, well, I tried!!!

ps. If you want to try to make your own ice cream, I use Paula Dean's recipe I found here.



  1. That's great you have a good children's program. That really can make the difference in getting kids to want to go to church.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. i wish my kids begged to go to church! ;) I hope my kids feel that connected one day! New follower from Cop Mama's blog! ;)


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