Feb 11, 2010

Missing Out

If you've been a mom for very long, chances are you've dealt with a sick child. Having one of your children ill is NEVER fun but when you add in the fact that we're often torn, trying to decide are they REALLY sick? Do we need to skip the party and keep them home? Etc!
When my older boys were just a few years old (2 and 3, I think) we dealt with a month long round of Rotovirus. If you haven't experienced it, its basically the flu on steroids. And let me tell you, the only thing worse than one sick kiddo, is two! And I'm not kidding when I say it last a month. I guess it could have been worse as there were only a few days when both were "actively" ill. But the month went a little like this child 1 sick for a day unable to keep ANYTHING down. Next day, still obviously sick but not throwing up. Day 3, child 2 is a vomitous fountain. Day 4 seeming possibly on the mend. Day 5, child 1 starts up again. It went on like this day after day for a month. So while I know we've missed parties and I've missed a couple things because I couldn't bring myself to go "out" with a sick child at home. I think the most memorable thing to date it missing a month of life. Seriously we could go no where. And I could do nothing but laundry try to cover all unwashable surfaces and try to keep two miserable toddlers from melting down.
Similasan and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post, and they asked me to talk about the things I've missed because of kid-illnesses.
Similasan (who by the way has some great OTC products that have saved us more than one Dr's visit) is also sponsoring a fun photo contest along with Shutterfly (whom I also love).What do they want? Photos of bright eyed, bushy tailed smiling children that "take your breath away" (in a good way - please no images of your toddler kicking Dad in the crotch).



  1. That sounds terrible. Of course we've had times when we've had to miss things because of illness. I think the hardest so far was when we were moving from Florida to Louisiana. Our church gave our family a going away party. It was a pretty big deal. My oldest son woke up sick and of course I was already an emotional wreck because of moving. Then I was torn about leaving him with someone so that I could go to the party. It all ended up working out because my mom stayed with him and he ended up being able to show up for the very end of the party.

  2. OMG rotovirus???? I had that like 2 years ago and it was the worst! I mean SO freicken bad I can't even explain it... i lost 11lbs in THREE DAYS, finally went to the doc and he took one look at me and was like "you need to call someone to take you to the hospital" and had to spend 3 days there because i was so dehydrated that my organs were starting to shut down! it was soooo bad! I take it you probably went to the doctor during that month and found out what the diet is for rotovirus, so incase it happens again you can do that, right???? xoxo *Megan*


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