Mar 4, 2010

The things they say...

Look at that sweet little face. Doesn't he look innocent? Day by day we're quickly learning how NOT innocent he is. Oye! Are we gonna be in trouble with this one.
Maybe I shouldn't share these latest pearls of wisdom as someone may get the wrong idea of what kind of house we have here. But, I will anyway, and just swear I have no idea where he comes up with some of this stuff.

In the last month he has had a verbal exposion. There are still occassions when I truly have no clue what he's saying but most of the time you can get the idea. This morning he kept telling me "M'on, play me." Or, in other words, come on and play with me. And to understand him you must always remember that a t is often supposed to be a c sound. When he asks "tup go?" He wants to know if you know where is cup is. But of course those phrases that he probably shouldn't be using (ok there's no real probably about it) are always clear as a bell. For some reason recently he's started saying "I'll beat you down!" Yes, lovely I know. But it's funny as heck coming from him.
But the one that takes the cake came last weekend while we were at KeyLime Cove. He was hanging with his uncle while we waited for life jackets when Uncle T started cracking up. He came over and told me Bryan has spotted a lady in a bikini, looked at her, then up at his uncle as told him "I LOOVE boobs!" He is on a loving kick. Always telling us he 'loves' everything. But this was a new one.
So do you think that I should be concerned that my 2 year old is already a boob man??



  1. My dh would just say "That's my boy!" to that!

  2. lol omg that is sooo funny lisa! i can't believe he said that at only 2 years old! I could see a 3 or 4 year old saying that but 2? WOW lol that's funny!!! xoxo megan


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