Nov 3, 2010

And the winner is...

Well is you live in IL, you have no idea who the winner is.  You see in IL, we know how to do elections up right.  From the state known for 'vote early, vote often' who'd expect anything less than a race too close to call with 99% votes counted.  If I had to guess, I'd say we'll likely be seeing a recount if it gets any closer.

But no matter, last night's true my book, is this kid!

Last night my second grade son, led a bicycle safety demonstration for his Cub Scout den.  As part of a award he was working on, he needed to lead an activity for his den.  So we asked his leader if this would be a possibility and last Thursday I got a email asking if he could do a 30 minute activity on bike safety. 
So I pulled some resources from online, and went and picked up a bunch of the bicycle rules of the road from the DMV and we set to work putting together a presentation.  That is my SECOND GRADER, prepared for his first public speaking gig.  I won't say it went flawlessly but he did just as well as I've seen many adults, especially considering he presented the material to a group of other second graders, while standing in a parking lot after dark, while they all waited to get to ride their bikes through a safety course.  I'm over the moon proud of him for even being willing to try it!  And honestly he did really, really well all things considered.  And to top off my son's success, he brought home and amazing report card to boot!!  There are some great things in this little man's future if he just stays on course!!

Maybe he will be the Governor of IL in oh 2040?

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