Nov 3, 2010

Disney Live! presents Mickey’s Magic Show! review

This is NOT the reaction I expected from my not quite 3 year old upon entering the theater to watch Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show!  Yet, it is exactly what I got.  He's a pretty seasoned production attender so I don't think he was overwhelmed by any of the sites or sounds, as there really were very little when this meltdown began.  So I'm let to chalk it up to, being over tired or simply unexplainable toddler days.  But thankfully, the theater staff was so kind and helpful as I darted out of our aisle with a screaming child just as the show began.  I hung back in the very last section hoping he'd quickly regain his composure.  And while he calmed down some he continued to beg to be take out of the auditorium.  So we existed the theater.  Outside there were more sweet staff members who pointed me to a monitor so that we could at least still watch the show.  We toddled on over and I barely sat down before Mickey was on stage. I explained to Bryan that what we were seeing was what was going on ON STAGE right then and we were "missing it!"  His face brighten, he turned and he began to run back to the doors, telling me to 'mon, mom!  We watched the show without issue from there thankfully.  He did get disappointed anytime all the main Mickey characters (Mickey, Miniie, Goofy and Donald) left the stage but he stayed content.  

We attended the show with a good friend of mine and her daughter, who is in sixth grade.  We all enjoyed the show.  It was a great combination of Disney characters, music and MAGIC.  There were a few tricks that weren't all too hard to figure out...but there was also quite a bit of high quality, head scratchin' magic too.  I personally love magic, and Bryan likes the up close simple magic tricks he's been exposed to but I think most of the magic in this show, went completely over his head (because he's too distracted to realize what's happened).  He enjoyed some of the sillier stuff but I don't think he caught most of the true tricks.  I'd say this show is better for the slightly older child, or the young at heart of course.   but it was still a wonderful time for all of us!!

By intermission, THIS is how Bryan was feeling! 

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  1. Disney has that effect on people! Smiles all around.

    Frame that last one!


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