Nov 15, 2010

Clic-It, The Smart Diaper Bag System review

Clic-It features a patent-pending quick-release clip system that lets you attach and detach baby travel accessories -- enabling you to mix n’ match the Clic-It accessory totes for different occasions.

I LOVE the look of this messenger bag style diaper bag.  I had fallen away from using a diaper bag since the one I had used forever feel apart.  Once Bryan stopped using formula and bottles I figured I didn't really NEED a diaper bag anyway.  I carry a diaper or two and wipes in my purse.  But with all the running around we do, I regularly find that I'm toting another bag or two (or three) with me anyway, they just aren't diaper bags.  Sometimes they're plastic shopping bags I've stuffed the sports bottle and a sippy cup into, isn't that classy!

So when I was given the opportunity to check out this bag, even though my "baby" is almost 3 years old, I couldn't turn it down.  Yes I received a lined bottle case, but if you think out side the box, or bag as it may be, it also works for water bottles/sports bottles and sippy cups too.  The two outside pockets, might even allow me to grab a drink for myself once in awhile when we're on the go.  I was a little unsure of the clic part of this program but it really is convenient.  If you've ever taken the time to organize diaper bag only to have it all turned upside down the first time you need a diaper, you will appreciate this system.  WIth a place for everything, you can keep everything in its place.

Clic & Connect Organization
The Clic-It system allows you to put your diaper bag accessories where you want, and you will always be able to find what you are looking for without rummaging through a large bag! No more pacifiers falling to the bottom of a pocket, and no worrying that you’ll forget which compartment stores your keys. Plus, you won’t forget those food jars or bottles, since one glance at your bag will remind you which accessory totes you’ve taken with you!
Clic-It Quick Release Clip SystemQuick Release Clip System
The Clic-It Diaper Bag and baby travel accessories are built with the Clic-It Quick Release Clip System.
One hand is all you need to quickly detach accessories from the bag. Clips are secure so there’s no risk of losing your essentials.
Clic & Connect Accessories
Some days you need your insulated tote, and other days you don’t. Organize every outing by packing just the right accessories to make it through your day!
Clic & Connect Customization
Choose your baby travel accessories to meet the needs of your routine.

And with the Clic-It system you can change things up depending on your needs.  Because I really like the style of the bag, I'm using it all the time and I can simply click the pieces I need in and out as I need to.  With spaces to clic pieces to both inside and outside, and with a removable flap, you can truly customize this bag to meet every need.

Clic-It is kicking off the “Gearing Up for Baby” contest from November 15 – December 24. Log onto for details on how to enter for a chance to win a prize pack including a new Clic-It diaper bag and accessory assortment (retail value: $117.00).

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  1. this looks like a great diaper bag! I am always frustrated with the messy bag as soon as I pull one thing out. This sounds like it would solve that problem!


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