Jan 4, 2011

I'm still around, just slightly broken.

If you don't follow me on twitter, you MAY have been wondering where I've been the last week.  Or maybe not.  But just in case, here's the deal.  Last Thursday the boys and I were heading out to my father's house.  Tom was not home yet so we loaded up the car and he was going to meet us there.  I forgot something in the house so I sent the big boys to get in the van and asked Bryan to wait right by the door for me.  I was carrying my purse and a nother bag with my camera and misc stuff in it.  At the top of the porch steps I turned to grab Bryan's hand to go down the steps.  It wasn't icey since it was 47 degrees but it was wet.  I slipped, or twisted or something and crashed down all 4 steps with various parts of my body. I thought I'd whacked my ankle really hard because I didn't feel any twist at the top but it all happened so quickly.  And although I sat there for several minutes crying, I didn't want to be a total baby and was convinced I was overreacting so I got up and got Bryan in the car and left.  We were supposed to bring juice and I had planned to go to the store and grab some but I knew that walking around even a little wasn't happening so I stopped at McD's and got juiceboxes.  I struggled through the evening because this was the kids Christmas with my father's family. 

After posting on Facebook and getting a bunch of feedback I decided I would go get it checked in the morning.  A friend offered to take me so we wouldn't have to drag the kids with.  So a good chunk of my New Years Eve, and my friends was spent going to the ER, getting and XRay and getting a half cast.  Isn't it pretty?  I couldn't put weight on it so I had to use crutches.  For the first time in my life. I am sooo uncoordinated.  And I have no upper body strength.  AND I have a lot of weight to carry.  I spent 2 and half days not eating or drinking much because I didn't want to have to get up to go to the bathroom because it was painful and exhausting.

Thankfully when i called first thing yesterday morning the Dr was able to get me right in.  After another Xray which was less than fun I got this beauty.  It's big and ugly, and its pretty heavy, though the nurse said it's nothing compared to a plaster cast.  But it let's me walk.  I move very slowly and many of my muscles are sore between the fall and then the crutches etc.  And my ankle is still sore and hurts if I bump my boot into something very hard. 

But the real issue is whether I will require surgery.  The Dr recommended it yesterday and he said if it were him, he'd just do it and be done with it.  But he siad it is borderline enough that he is leaving the decision with me, UNLESS the problem worsens by my appointment next Monday.  The problem is not the spiral fracture of the smaller nonweight bearing bone but the alignment of the other bones in the ankle.  Things are twisted a bit and he said its minor but enough to cause cartilage to wear down way too quickly.  So, considering that I wanted to throw up the minute he even said the word surgery, I'm hoping it doesn't worsen and I get to make the final call because I say a big ole fat "no!"  Thank you anyway, just thinking about it enough to type this up makes me sick to my stomach again.


  1. If there's big potential for further pain down the line without the surgery, I'd have it. Otherwise, heck no!

  2. Wow! I'm so sorry...that has got to be so hard! I hope it doesn't get any worse! Get better soon!

  3. Yikes! You are in my prayers. Surgery sounds no fun at all. I hope you have a quick recovery and the Lord sends people to help you out. I can't even imagine trying to take care of my two kiddos while dealing w/ something like that.


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