Apr 29, 2011

Easter Photos

My camera and I have not been getting along well lately.  I have been too lazy to drag around the flash attachment which is really the only thing that has totally clicked (haha pun intended) for me as far as lighting.  I've had serious white balance issues.  And without a flash I can't get a decent exposure without a high ISO and Aperture so I get blurry or grainy photos...or both.  So yeah, not really happy with these but what's done is done I guess.

My boys got LOTS of ooh's and aaah's at church in their matching outfits.

dancing! dancing! dancing!

totally addicted to the new MP3 player

silly boy (3d glasses)

Friday night we colored eggs


  1. Thanks for sharing looks like a good time!

  2. They are adorable! Love the outfits!

  3. Oh they are handsome in their little matching outfits!! Too cute :)

  4. I would have been one of the ones that "oohed and ahhed" those outfits are so cute!!
    The 3D glasses are a riot!

  5. Great Photos!! 3D puzzles - how cool is that? Looks like you all had a great and memorable day!

  6. Love the matching outfits and it sure looks like it was a fun day for everyone!

  7. Great Easter pictures, glad you had a wonderful holiday


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