Apr 30, 2011

More Effective Fundraising with Big Event Fundraising

Just this week my kids brought home the rewards for their latest fundraising efforts.  For their efforts they scored two water bottles, a "rocket" launcher (if isn't broken by this weekend I will be amazed) and a jump rope between the two of them.  Luckily, my kids are still young and pretty easily motivated but lets be honest, these 'prizes' aren't very motivating.
Last year I sat on the PTO board at our school and saw the lack of involvement in fundraising in our school. For a school of around 500 students, we had one fundraiser with less than 10 sellers!  I realize times are tight for everyone so it's hard to sell anything without feeling guilty but I really think a big part of it is a lack of motivation.
What the kids and families don't always understand is that the money they helped raise was actually used for some great programs that many enjoyed that year.  But what if an amazing event was the direct reward for participating in a fundraiser?  That's the theory behind Big Event Fundraising.  Fundraiser participants sell from a wide variety of programs such as cookie dough, frozen pizzas or your traditional fundraising brochure but instead of earning a cheesy plastic prize....your group can choose from 4 Big Event prize programs: Super Party, Super Splash Party, Magic Show and Reptile Adventures Show.

I think that kids, and adults, would be so much more likely to participate in a fundraiser if one of these great events was the incentive!

Check out more details about these offerings in the information from their website:

Super Party Prize Program

Big Event Super Party offers:
  • A Large Selection of Inflatable Games

  • Action-Packed Fun & Excitement

  • A Powerful Motivation to Sell

Their famous original classic, the Super Party prize program is non-stop entertainment, offering your group two full hours of action-packed fun & excitement!

Super Splash Party Prize Program

Big Event Super Splash Party offers:
  • A Large Selection of Wet Inflatable Games

  • Action-Packed Fun & Excitement

  • A Powerful Motivation to Sell

Your group will absolutely love our Super Splash Party prize program. This exclusive program offers two full hours of action-packed soaking-wet fun & excitement!

8 Curriculum-Based Magic Programs

Your group has the opportunity to enjoy one of our exciting magic programs for free just by using a magic show as your prize program to motivate your students to sell. Customize your magic show assembly by selecting a specific theme for your school:
They have created unique curriculum-based programs to meet your schools exact needs. The programs are carefully designed to be highly entertaining and very educational. Each program combines humor, magic, and lots of student involvement. These are all important qualities that mean a job well done for you.

Reptile Adventures Prize Program

Big Event Reptile Adventures Show offers:
  • A Creative Way to Learn about Reptiles

  • An Exciting Hands-on Experience

  • An Educationally-Based Program

The Reptile Adventures prize program is one of the most unique fundraising incentive programs that your sellers will ever get to experience. They will not only be excited about seeing and touching various reptiles, they will actually be learning valuable and amazing information about the 4 major types of reptiles as well. This 60-minute educationally-based assembly is definitely exceptional!

Put the FUN back in fundraising with Big Event Fundraising. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however all opinions expressed are my own honest, personal feedback.


  1. If I am understanding you correctly, you wish the programs you have listed here with the reptile one were the rewards of your school's fundraising efforts, right? I think those would motivate most. Fundraising for anything is hard work, especially in these economic times. Hope next year is more successful for your sons' school.

  2. Wow...I agree, I think the reptile one would definitely be the most exciting and the most effective!


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