May 17, 2011

Totally Timmy Tuesday, 5/17/11

This week Timmy decided to review a book, Show Off, we've had for awhile, and I actually did a review for back in October.  But it is still a total favorite, so here's Timmy's take on it.  


Show Off: How to Do Absolutely Everything. One Step at a Time. I think Show Off is an amazing book because you can learn to do things that could even help you make boobie traps that could protect something as little as a diary or as big as keeping burglars out of your house.  Show Off can also teach you how to annoy your parents by messing with their computer. It can also show you how to make art of or finger puppets.  It can tell you hot to do stunts or do tricks while playing an instrument.  Another thing it can tell you is how to make fake mummy parts.  It can even tell you how to make yourself look like a zombie.  There are some reasons Show Off is an awesome book.

Disclosure: Our family received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are the honest feedback of an 8 year old and we are not responsible for any injuries that occur during stunts or any computers that are messed with if you decide to get this book! :)


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