Jun 23, 2011

Finding Work - Life Balance

In Season 6 of The Closer, Brenda’s (Kyra Sedgwick) work interferes with her personal life.  While I am lucky enough to have a job that is 8-4 and very rarely goes beyond that, it can still be hard to be a working mom.  In addition to the fact that my 3 year old would much prefer I stay home and play with him every day, there are the things I miss out for the older boys.  I can't help out at field day  or be there for class parties.  I am not the one who picks them up from school every day so I barely know their teachers or their friends.  BUT I have to make choices.  I make the choice to miss some things so that I can take the time off when I feel like I really need to.  It allows me to be the one to take them to the Dr when they need to go or sneak out of work early to make sure they make it to the big game on time.
For me, finding balance between work and home is all about priorities.  While I'd love to be there everytime they WANT me there, it just simply isn't reality.  So I need to carefully chose those things that years from now will still matter.

How do YOU find work life balance in your life??

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