Jan 24, 2012

Real Steel, featuring Hugh Jackman on DVD Blu-Ray TODAY

When Real Steel came out, there was no question that my boys would want to see it.  Fighting AND robots, or even better FIGHTING ROBOTS!?!?! It's like every boys dream come true.  Even the 'boys' who've grown up a bit now will feel a little nostalgic while watching these real live rock em sock em robots duke it out.  We watched this movie last weekend and it was one the entire family really enjoyed. The plot was a little different than what I had picked up from the previews and it was actually an even sweeter story than I thought it would be.  But there was still a TON of action that kept the boys riveted to the TV the entire time!  I DO need to say that there is a good deal of cursing, and a bulk of it happens right at the beginning.  We don't really restrict viewing based on language so I don't honestly usually pay much attention, but it was enough that my 8 year old pointed it out to me.  I personally wouldn't let it stop me from allowing my kids to watch the movie but if it is an issue for you, please look into it before letting your kids watch.  (I don't want anyone being mad at me.)  I loved that this movie had a David versus Goliath feel but also had more realistic end than what you would typically expect in a family movie.  For any parent who's ever tried to teach their child that it's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game, THIS movie is for you!!


§         “Real Steel” is set in the near future, where robots have replaced boxers in the ring, and is directed by Shawn Levy (“Night at the Museum,” “Date Night”).

§         “Real Steel” stars Hugh Jackman (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” “The Prestige”) as Charlie Kenton, a financially strapped, risk-taking former boxer who now makes his living on an underworld robot boxing circuit, operating the metal pugilists that made his human profession obsolete.

§         The robots each have a distinctive look, personality and color scheme and range in size from 7’6” to 8’5” in height. Based on human form, they each have two legs, two arms, a torso and a head—with the exception of a two-headed bot aptly named “Twin Cities.”

§         In addition to their distinctive personas, every robot has a specific sound personality. When a robot lands a punch there’s a sound specific to his skeletal material, his mechanisms, his bulk and his mass and there’s also an aura sound so that just merely by being turned on every robot has a whir or a whoosh or an engine hum or the sound or a computer.

§         Evangeline Lilly (“Lost”), who plays Bailey, never saw herself making a boxing film, but when she read the heartfelt script she was won over.

§         Toronto-native Dakota Goyo was chosen from thousands of 10-year-old boys who auditioned for the role of Max, Hugh Jackman’s on-screen son, as part of an international casting search.

§         Filming the robot boxing scenes was done with both motion-capture technology and practical-built, full-scale robots. The motion-capture elements were performed and shot months earlier on a stage in Los Angeles. Fighters were put in the ring wearing data-capturing jumpsuits and as they fought, their motions were converted into robot avatars in the computer and instantaneously appeared on the monitors on set. Then, during principal photography, the filmmakers lined up their cameras on an empty ring and the motion-capture data streamed through their cameras, allowing them to watch and frame the robot fighting in the ring in real time.

§         Sugar Ray Leonard was hired by the filmmakers to serve as the film’s boxing consultant and to train Hugh Jackman for his appearance in the ring.
§         “Real Steel” costume designer Marlene Stewart created a wardrobe for Hugh Jackman’s character Charlie that was inspired by looks from the 1960s, drawing from rugged Americana styles.  Even his sunglasses are retro.

§         In “Real Steel” there is a clear delineation between the two worlds of robot boxing. There is the official league (the WRB); it’s corporate sponsored, with big money, sanctioned venues and strict rules. Then there is the underworld, which has unsanctioned venues, with no rules, no restrictions—the robots fight to the death.

Introducing….THE BOXER BOTS!
Ambush is a low-rent circuit bot. The best fight that Charlie can arrange for Ambush is literally against a piece of livestock.

Atom may not be in the biggest or the flashiest bot in the ring, but he is the most extraordinary. He is the "hero" robot.

Colored in gold and red, Midas sports a mohawk. He's a brawler. He follows no rules. He'll use whatever means necessary to win a fight.

Noisy Boy is a former league bot. When he started losing fights, he was exiled to doing boxing exhibitions in South America and Asia. He's now back, but he's no longer league caliber, so he's fighting in underworld venues.

With a block-shaped upper body, Twin Cities is a vicious two-headed robot!

Zeus is the champ of the WRB. He is enormous. He is described as "The Death Star." He is painted reflected black. He has piston-programmed punch mechanisms in his arms. Not only has Zeus never been beaten, but also, no other robot has even survived beyond the first round with him.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this film for review purposes.  All opinions expressed, are my own honest personal feedback.


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