Mar 29, 2012

Fun for All Ages with K'Nex

In the world of toys, I've found that a lot of things have a pretty short life cycle.  I am often reluctant to buy the latest and greatest action figure because it is often only a matter of time before it disappears into the abyss of the toy box, most likely never to be reunited with its 'accessories' again.  But we've found that building sets seem to be an exception to this rule.  This is definitely the case with K'Nex who has some really great product lines for all ages!!

Your child can build and play down on the farm with friends Elmo & Ernie!  Set includes 7 chunky pieces so your child can easily build these well-loved pals and take them on fun and unforgettable adventures.  Dressed in their overalls and Ernie in his hat, these farmer friends are ready for anything your child can imagine.
- Includes 2 buildable Sesame Street® characters
- Build and then play with best farmer friends Elmo & Ernie
- Big chunky pieces make it easy for small hands to build

This set was great for my 4 year old.  He put these guys together himself and they are great to play with without having small pieces falling off.  He loves swapping their heads and giggling because they are on the "wrong bodies!"

Xtreme Ops Intro Assortment
Complete each Mission assigned to you with these battle-ready vehicles – Mission: Elite Patrol, Mission: Elite Command, Mission: Urban Force, and Mission: Urban Resistance.  Each set includes 60 - 80 pieces.  All Missions include a graphic label sheet for added play and Missions combine to create cool combo builds.  Ages 7+.
- Includes Mission: Elite Patrol, Mission: Elite Command, Mission: Urban Force, and Mission: Urban Resistance
-Each set includes 60 - 80 pieces
-Includes graphic label sheet for added play
-Missions combine to create cool combo builds
-Packed in the USA

My 8 year old loved these sets.  The are small enough to be put together in just a few minutes and be ready to play.  But they can also be used together to make larger creations by going online for the instructions.  Of course, you can always use your imagination too where the sky is the limit but I love that K'Nex has actually given them more building options with directions!  These were a big hit!!!

I'd say he had all four of these put togethre in around half an hour, definitely under and hour!  And for building sets, you can't beat the price. (Great for keeping around for last minute birthday party invites!)

Build a spine-tingling space-themed coaster!  With over 600 K'NEX pieces and over 19 feet of track, the Cosmic Twist Coaster is sure to thrill advanced builders and coaster fans.  Features cool comet graphics and a lightning-fast silver car.  Color-coded, easy-to-follow building instructions are included.  Go to to download instructions for a 2nd awesome coaster.  Ages 9+.  Standard parts made in the U.S.A.  Special components made in China.  Packaged in the U.S.A
- Coaster builds over 3.5 ft tall
-Over 600 K'NEX pieces
-19+ feet of track
-Motorized chain lift and silver coaster car
-Color-coded instructions included
-Ages 9+

My oldest is 9 and was totally excited about this set and had the tower all but done when he left it unattended and it was...slightly disassembled.  He was a little defeated and has not yet completed it.  But we still think its a fabulous set.  Just keep it away from the little ones and your 9 (or even a little younger if they are good builders) year old will do great with this set.  Hopefully I'll be able to show off the finished results soon!

Disclosure: Our family received this great K'Nex sets for free for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own honest personal feedback.


  1. Gabriel would LOVE some K'nex, but that's all I need is another toy with 500,000 pieces laying around. Between Legos and Squinkies I'm about to throw it all away!

  2. That Coaster looks so cool!


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