Mar 29, 2012


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Do you have any phobias? describes them this way:
Phobias are persistent and recurrent fears of a particular situation, object or activity that poses little or no danger. The person experiencing a phobia knows that the fear is irrational, but they cannot help it. Simple Phobias consist of a fear of one particular object or event, such as snakes, insects, heights, flying, etc. Agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces or crowds. Simple phobias manifest as feelings of panic or terror, in a manner that is uncontrollable and debilitating. Physical symptoms, including rapid heart beat, lightheadedness, nausea, shortness of breath, and trembling occur. Ultimately, the person suffering from a phobia will take severe measures to avoid interacting with the object, activity or situation that causes the fear. Phobias often begin in childhood, with an average age of onset between 15 and 20 years of age.

I have some issues with bugs and snakes (though I have never seen a snake in nature, thank god) and heights.  I used to be be afraid of thunderstorms but becoming a mom made me 'man up' and I am better with them now.  I'm still not the type to 'enjoy a good storm' or anything but at least I'm not cowering under the blankets anymore.

I do have a friend that has a very serious phobia snakes.  Like serious enough that its not funny to tease her about it.  In fact, I really hopes she doesn't read this post.  She'll hate me forever for that photo!

I also have kids who have some pretty serious bug, especially bee fears.  I can sort of understand it since Johnny (8) had one particularly bad summer and was stung 4 times, in ONE year.  As someone who's never been stung I can't really say that it was nothing to write home about but he had very little reaction to any of the stings compared to some people I've seen.  But it was enough to completely terrify him of bees for the last couple years.  And he has ever so kindly passed that fear along to his younger brother.  His brother who has not yet learned how to differentiate between a flying bug of any other kind and a bee!  Last summer was the first time this fear materialized in him and it wasn't really until the end of the season that it got serious, so it will be very interesting to see how he does this summer! Lord help us if he sees a bee (or anything he THINKS is a bee) while he's on the field playing t-ball.  Maybe I should keep the video camera rolling for my $10,000 America's Funniest Home Videos moment!

Have you or anyone you know experienced TRUE phobias?

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  1. I am afraid of throwing up or being around anyone who gets sick. Like it just freaks me out beyond words. As well as flying. I have never done it, nor will i EVER fly.. like just thinking about it just freaks me out to the point where I end up sick from it... eck

    1. I hate throwing up, maybe not a fear but I usually cry when I throw up because I hate it so much. Not that anyone LIKES it.

  2. No real phobias, but I'm there with you on the storms. My parents did a lot of storm chasing when I was younger and it left a lasting fear with me.

  3. Tom loves watching the storms and Timmy is getting that thank you!!


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