Jun 22, 2012

Weight Loss Advice

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Having spent most of my life over weight (hey those first couple years I was skinny), I have always found it easy to look at thing people and blow off their advice.  What the hell do they know anyway? Sure just work out, its so easy, right? Seriously, working out when you are over 100 pounds over weight tends to feel sort of like suicide. Watching some perky skinny person bounce around and tell you 'just 10 more'...THAT makes you consider homicide.

But what I have learned recently is its far too easy to cast people, and their advice aside when you are looking for an excuse to do so.  It's actually fairly ironic that I have spent my whole life wanting people NOT to judge me based on appearances yet I have easily done the same.  Not that I have liked or disliked someone based on their weight but I have jumped to conclusions about their experience and understanding of my position based on their current size.  I did this with well known blogger Leah aka Bookieboo of Mamavation.com until I read her story! Suddenly I was able to listen to her advice knowing she too had struggled to lose weight and hadn't always looked so amazing!

Same thing with the instructor for the Zumba and Kickboxing classes I've done.  She's crazy bubbly and I'm pretty sure like 0% body fat.  I MIGHT have hated her a lil bit (but in the best way possible) until I read HER story.

Are you like me?  Waiting for that person you can identify to be able to help you overcome your weight loss struggles?  Well, I believe there are many paths to weight loss and health and not every road works for everyone. Personally I think Weight Watchers is great because its made me make small gradual changes to the way I eat to stay within my points (your daily points decrease as you lose weight) and means I don't have to give up any one thing I love. Its all about moderation and getting the good for you foods in first.  But it may not be what's right for you.

In hopes of helping you find someone who's story YOU connect with, here are a few fellow bloggers you might want to check out.

Is there someone who's inspired you?? 
I would love to hear about it!


  1. I also like Skinny Jeans Dreams.
    Denise L

  2. So well said, and it goes along with the whole don't judge a book by its cover, etc. I'm just so happy for you and your changes!

  3. I think you are so awesome for writing about this - You'll get there Lisa!!

  4. What an awesome way to connect to a story that resonates with them!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these peoples stories.

  6. You make such a great point - until you find someone's story that really speaks to you, it's easy to blow off advice given with the best of intentions because they just don't know what's it like for you. I fall into the camp of needing to lose the rest of my baby weight and the pounds are still lingering.

  7. Oh it's so about moderation, I'm with you there... but nothing we want to do means anything until we can actually HEAR the advice that others are giving us. You need that connection to be able to do anything with it, and I'm so glad that Lea is it for you!


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