Oct 8, 2012

Football Fever

 This weekend was the first game that my son's team wore their pink socks in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I'd say his grandma was smiling down on him, even though he was benched for the first quarter because of issues at school and attitude with me.  But he and the rest of the defense rocked, completely shutting out the other team 0-20.  Pretty impressive considering their opponent held the possession for almost the entire first quarter. And at one point in the fourth quarter they were at the 9 yard line with a first down.  In four attempts they weren't able to get past the 1/2 yard mark!!!  Timmy had several really good tackles. 

 And my littlest buddy is turning into a great cheering partner.  For a little guy, he has some good lungs.  I can't imagine where he gets it. (I may have thought I'd be losing my voice for the second time this season.)

But would it be wrong to say that possibly the best part of the game was that it was played in a town an hour away from us where they are lucky enough to have a Sonic?  Celebratory Sonic was pretty darn tasty even if it was a little chilly out!


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