Jan 6, 2013

Doing One Thing That Scares Me

Last week I put six goals for 2013 into writing to keep myself on track.  I'm happy to say that I've already taken the first step toward goal #6: Do One Thing That Scares Me.

In all my life, I've always been terrified of public speaking. As I've gotten older and had more varied experiences speaking in front of crowds I've found that I do much better speaking if I'm sharing someone else's writing.  But sharing my own writing is still in the make me want to vomit category.

But last year I sat in a theater and listened to many of my friends reading wonderful pieces on motherhood.  I saw the nerves, the joy and the community of the participates of Listen To Your Mother.  And I knew I wanted to audition a piece for 2013.  

I thought I knew the topic I wanted to create an audition piece for but the words never flowed to me.  But when the fabulous ladies of Listen To Your Mother: Chicago confirmed they'd be co-producing again in 2013, a different piece filled my thoughts from no where.  I wrote it all in one short airplane trip.  I did some mild editing on it and then sort of forgot about it until December when the official call for submissions for consideration came out.  I went back to the piece and it terrified me.  It's something I have written about here, it's something I talk about openly regularly but the idea of sharing such a raw piece myself in front of a room full of people...terrified.

As the reminders for the submission deadline came across my Facebook feed again and again I attempted to write a different piece. But it just wouldn't come.  So I asked an author friend (Author of Saving Grace) who's style I really love, if she had time to look at my piece yet before the deadline...now just a week away.  She kindly agreed.  Tonight I got back her feedback and before I could second guess myself, I took the courage her amazingly kind words about the piece gave me and I did it. I submitted a piece for consideration for Listen To Your Mother, Chicago.  Whether I'm reading or just listening, I WILL be at the show again this year.  But fingers cross I'll be able to take care of one of my goals while I'm there.  And hopefully without passing out or throwing up!

What will YOU do this year that scares you?


  1. sending luck your way. Wouldn't it be wonderful if your submission was accepted

  2. Replies
    1. I'm getting my spanx ready now...just in case :)

  3. You rock! That was gutsy and impressive and I'm so proud of you!

  4. Way to go, Lisa. I think you've met your goal, but I hope you get to take it to the next level, too.

  5. Love this!! Your stepping out of your comfort zone and being vunerable! Who knows you might end up loving it once you start <3!! Go You!!!

  6. Kudos to you Lisa!! So excited you are the path to reach your goals!! Good luck with your submission. Can you post it here after the event so we can all read it?

    1. If I'm selected it will be available on video.....eeek! But yes I will share it afterward if selected or before if not.


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