Jun 30, 2010

Where's Waldo? The Ultimate Travel Collection book review

Where's Waldo? The Ultimate Travel CollectionWhere's Waldo? The Ultimate Travel Collection
Visit Waldo online at www.findwaldo.com!

May 2008 ~ Paperback ~ All Ages

If you are a Where's Waldo? fan than this is a must have book for you. You can quickly flip through the pages to simply find Waldo on each layout OR pull the foldout page out to reveal a list of other hidden items to find for hours and hours of searching! Timmy grabbed this book and went to town finding Waldo and got through about half the book in what seemed like no time at all but then he discovered all the other challenges in the book and now he's spent several days with it. Fair warning though, there is one page one which we simply had to say "let's just call him Waldo and be done." It's a full page of Waldo look a likes and it quickly gave me a headache and when Timmy had asked me several times "Is this him?" and I couldn't see why it wasn't but also could see what made him different from the other zillion look a likes, I gave up! This book is great around the house but I also think it would be the perfect thing to take along somewhere, when your kids have to sit and wait, like the Dr's office etc! Its a smaller format than many of the Waldo books so it would travel easily.

If You Build It...

So we all know, "If you build it, they will come."

But the question around our area, recently has been, what if you DON'T build it.  And, if the DO come...where are they going to park.

You see there is a new minor league baseball team coming to our neck of the woods, and its partially owned by Kevin Costar, star of the movie Field of Dreams.  The team is called the Fielders, and the dreams of their stadium were impressive.  But due to some red tape issues when their June "home" opener rolled around they had no stadium at all.  They've been playing at a college field a ways away from the location of what was to be their stadium.  But this Friday, they are scheduled to play in their field of dreams.  It's not quite as grand as the plans had been and I'm really not at all sure where people will park.  But we're going to head out and support the team anyway.  We MAY have a few hot dogs too.  Oh and there will be a concert and fireworks.  So assuming we can manage a parking spot and some seats, it should be a good time.

Jun 29, 2010

Splits for a Cause

Usually when we hear the word "split", we think of news of celebrity break-ups, splashed across thecover of tabloid magazines. Well, leave it to our favorite celebrity/brand team to prove that a split can be a good thing!
Kelly Ripa and Electrolux are joining forces once again to celebrate the launch of Electrolux Appliance's new stand-alone refrigerator and freezer - that's right, the familiar duo has split up. And to sweeten the celebration, they're bringing in the "Emperor of Ice Cream" Stephen Bruce, owner and founder of Serendipity 3, the landmark New York City restaurant and dessert spot, into the mix.
Kelly and Bruce teamed up earlier today to make banana splits for a cause.  And now we want you to dig in, with your virtual spoon! Starting today, at www.Kelly-Confidential.com, you can build your ultimate banana split using virtual ingredients from classic whipped cream to caramel sauce to rainbow sprinkles. For each "split", Electrolux will donate $1 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund as part of its $750,000 commitment to help fight ovarian cancer[1].   
As usual, Electrolux and Kelly find new and fun ways to say thank you to those who support this great cause. Everyone who logs on to the site and builds a split will be automatically entered for a chance to win the daily prize - $50 towards sweet summer treats - and the grand prize:  the new stand-alone refrigerator and freezer from Electrolux.  

So to recap, take 2 minutes and make a cute virtual banana split and you've helped donate a $1Ovarian Cancer Research Fund AND you are entered to win to the the new stand-alone refrigerator and freezer from Electrolux.   So why are you still here?? GO build a split, and if you win you could always send me some ice cream as a thank you...cuz now I'm craving some.

Disclaimer: In return for spreading the word about this great campaign, I have been entered into an additional drawing from Electrolux.

Post It Note Tuesday. 6-29

Today's post it note rants are courtesy of our local youth baseball program!

AHHH I feel better now. Now maybe Wednesday I won't take my frustration at the whole thing out on my husband....maybe!

OMG, a commenter pointed out this is timely if you watch the show Drop Dead Diva, which I DO. But while I promise I won't be punching anyone, I can totally understand how that mom felt (ok its TV, I know she was acting). People who know me know that I AM a realist, I am not a totally delusional mom who thinks I have an MLB player on my hands. But my kid is easily one of the top 3 players on the team but despite the fact that my husband is the assistant coach and the coach has pretty much had him do ALL the work, he continues to crap on my oldest son! Timmy and ONE other kid expressed the desire to catch at the first game, and inning after inning guess who is NOT been allowed to catch. He's typically playing outfield and when he is brought in some and other ball hogs get in his way and then drop the wall, they are cheered for their effort. Its painfully obvious that this coach for whatever reason does not care for my kids! We are honestly torn at this point about completing the season and I know I don't do the situation justice here, but I think its best depicted by an incident at practice when they were doing batting practice. Every kid got a turn at bat and then the coach began to switch gears, when my husband asks if Timmy was going to get a turn to bat, the coach simply said "no" and moved on. No explanation at all. So yeah I'm totally feeling the (fictional) lady who used self difference as legal defense after being sued for punching a coach in the face who was being crappy to her daughter.

Jun 28, 2010

I'm back!

Last week was a CRAZY week, but I should be back to normal (or as normal as I can be) now.

I spent all last week working about 3 hours each morning and then rushing around to make it to church to help out with Vacation Bible School every afternoon.

It was an amazing but exhausting week.  But the kids had a great time and learned a lot.  I have hundreds of photos but since most of them aren't of my kids, I won't post.  But this photo captures why we used every ounce of energy to make it through this hot, humid week to teach 120 kids about the love of Christ.

And even the littlest member of our family was included in this week.  Bryan was officially in the "nursery" for the whole week.  However, he had arguable the best week of everyone.  He had another little girl, who he will now tell you is his best friend, to hang out with as well as an amazing lady who went above and beyond to give them a great week.  They joined the big kids for the opening and closing and learned the songs and danced and sang.  And they played, blew bubble, but the also learned the lessons of each day.  At the end of the week Bryan was exhausted...

But he also learned a lot.  He knows many of the songs, including the moves which he displayed to our congregation Sunday morning. And he learned the different Bible buddies, each who reminds us of a verse and a Bible point.  Yesterday afternoon, he brought me one of the characters and told me "he says 'God's word is for everyone.'"  Technically, he had the wrong character for that point but who's can argue with that!  My 2 year old is learning, truly learning about God!!!

Jun 23, 2010

Backyard Safari Outfitters


It’s your most essential piece of field gear. It’s rugged, and tough enough for all your outdoor adventures. Plenty of cargo pockets means lots of space to load up. Six D-Rings and two shoulder epaulets let you clip and hang more essential gear. A large zipper pocket stores your trusty binocs and a clear-view chest pocket stores your Pop-Up Field Guides™. The back of the vest features a one-size-fits-all adjustable strap and two extra mesh pockets for storing extra gear. It’s the must-have for every BACKYARD SAFARI™ kid.


This full-view periscope allows stealth viewing over boulders, high bushes, backyard fences, and around corners. Three rugged, light-weight sections telescope for a reach over 4 feet high to let you see all those out-of-reach views.
EXCLUSIVE WATER FEATURE! Flip the Mega View Periscope upside down and a full 16 inches is submersible for underwater viewing—on docks, poolside, lakes or beaches. A fish eye view...but without all that water in your ears.

There are THOUSANDS of crawling, flying, buzzing bugs in your backyard – catch them LIVE with your Bug Vac! Look at bugs UP-CLOSE with built-in magnifying Glass! CAPTURE CORE attaches to the Bug Habitat (sold separately) for easy transfer of your insects.

The boys LOVE these items.  They of course fight over them because they all want to wear the vest while they suck bugs OR peak around corners.  The funniest part to me though is that while they LOVE sucking up bugs and looking at them...when the bug won't come out easily, guess who has to get the bug out because they refuse to! Of course they also want all the other items to fill up their vest.  I would highly recommend any of these items for your little outdoorsmen!!!

 Backyard Safari Outfitters on Facebook and Twitter and check out tons of other great items.

Jun 22, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Send Your Kids to VBS!!

Top Ten Reasons to Send Your Kids to VBS!!

10.  It gets them out of the house for a few hours everyday for a whole week.

  9.  They'll get to play fun games.

  8.  It gets them out of the house for a few hours everyday for a whole week.

  7.  They'll have the chance to make new friends.

  6.  It gets them out of the house for a few hours everyday for a whole week.

  5.  They'll get to make and eat a fun snack.

  4.  It gets them out of the house for a few hours everyday for a whole week.

  3.  They'll get to sing and dance to some fun music.

  2.  It gets them out of the house for a few hours everyday for a whole week.

  1.  They will hear the message of Christ.

Jun 21, 2010

A High Seas Expedition, Day 1

Today starts Vacation Bible School at our church.  I'll be leaving work shortly to help serve along with my husband.

It's a yucky day so I hope that doesn't dampen the spirits.  We have an amazing team, who have designed a amazing setting for this event.  Hoping everyone has a wonderful time and we touch some hearts this week.

PS, for those who've been praying for our mission team, they made it home safely last night, thank you for all your prayers.

Jun 20, 2010

Pray for our Youth Mission Team, Day 10

WOOOHOOO they come home today!!!  Although every trip was amazing, and is SOME ways you never want to leave, it is always wonderful to be home.  Now the truly tough part begins....taking those life changing experiences and figuring out how to make that fit into your every day life

Today's Prayer Requests:

  • pray for smooth & safe travel home
  • pray for families to be safely reunited

Jun 19, 2010

Pray for our Youth Mission Team, Day 9

Ah, the final day, a day of "play."  Obviously not the reason to go on the trip, but no less enjoyed.  Even God, himself took a day off to sit back and reflect and enjoy his 'good' works!  I'm sure that today will be a day of sharing and joy for the team members.  I don't think that anyone can truly understand the bond that is formed amongst the group on a trip such as this.  The people I've shared my mission trip experiences with will FOREVER hold a special place in my heart!

Today's Prayer Requests:

  • pray for a day of true rest and celebration
  • pray for us to see what we can praise God for

Jun 18, 2010

Friday Follows

Just hopping around the blogosphere making some new friends.  If you'd like to join the fun check out any of the hops below and enter your info so people can visit your blog OR just just out the link to find some new blogs to read.

If you're new to my blog you can read about myself and my boys at the link above.  And don't forget to enter my great giveaways before you leave!!


Smart and Trendy Moms


The Girl </span></font></p><p><font class=

I said I'd never.

 There were a LOT of things I swore I'd never do when I became a mom.  I swore I'd never make my kids sit forever and choke down a  meal that they hated.  And I promised I would NEVER answer my kids questions with "Because I'm the mom, that's why."  But I also swore that my boys would never have guns, swords or the like in my house and that I would never, ever, in my life buy my kids Pokemon stuff.
Well, I do NOT make my kids eat foods (they do have to try something before they can say they don't like it though) but everything else...big fat fail.  As the mom of boys I quickly learned that not buying an actual (toy) weapon, in no way prevented the type of play it was intended to.  Apparently this play is simply hard wired into the male species and the best I can do is to restrict the time and place of this sort of thing.  Also hard wired, seems to be the love of anything that makes me, as the mom, insane.  After year of listening to other young boys bore me to tears with facts about Pokemon (hi, to my little brother, who of course I am NOT referring to at all with the reference, really) I had genuinely meant it when I said it wouldn't be coming into my house.  I hope the fade would pass.  But no it's still going strong, and thanks to kids meal toys my boys love Pokemon just like the generation before them.  So I admit defeat, I am completely weak when it comes to this sort of thing and indulge them in most of their reasonable requests/likes etc.  So I'll come clean and say we'd probably go to the below event if it were closer to home because I simply enjoy seeing my boys happy more than anything in the world!

What: Hundreds of Pokémon video game and Trading Card Game players will converge on the Indiana Convention Center June 25­27, 2010, for the Pokémon National Championships to compete for coveted seats at the Pokémon World Championships. The annual tournament, sanctioned by The Pokémon Company International, is an intense, action-packed event; the winner claims the title of National Champion and an invitation to the Pokémon World Championships this August in Kona, Hawaii.

The Pokémon Video Game National Championships is the culmination of the six head-to-head Regional Qualifiers held this spring in Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, and New York. Top players from each Regional Qualifier will pit their talent and strategies against each other in Indianapolis. A Last Chance Qualifier takes place on Friday, June 25, for those looking to join the competition.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) National Championships is a sanctioned title event open to all U.S. residents. Players do not need to qualify for the Pokémon TCG National Championships; however, a limited number of players will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis.

This year¹s tournament follows a record-setting attendance at the 2009 Pokémon Trading Card Game National Championships, which drew nearly 1,000 TCG competitors from across the nation.

When: Friday-Sunday, June 25-27, 2010, 9:30 a.m.

**The Last Chance Qualifier for the Pokémon Video Game Championships will take place Friday, June 25.  The Seniors Division registration (born in 1997 and earlier) starts at 8:00 a.m. and Juniors Division registration (born in 1998 or later) starts at 1:00 p.m.  No fee is required; play is free to all contestants.
**On-site pre-registration for the Pokémon TCG National Championships will take place Thursday, June 24, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Friday, June 25 from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.  No fee is required; play is free to all contestants.

Where: All tournaments and registration will be held at:
                         Indiana Convention Center
                        100 South Capital Avenue
                        Indianapolis, IN 46225

Who: Hundreds of America¹s top Pokémon video game and Trading Card Game players, family, fans, and the general public

Pray for our Youth Mission Team, Day 8

Today is DAY EIGHT for these team members, and I have to say that the longest trip I went on we were headed home on day eight after having worked 5 days and having a play day.  But this group is still going strong today with their mission work.  Not to say they haven't had fun, I'm sure they had lots of fun.  But I'm also sure that they are probably getting pretty darn tired, so today's last prayer request is probably VERY appropriate.

Today's Prayer Requests:

  • pray for the gospel to be clearly communicated
  • pray for God to use each team member
  • pray for our energy levels

Growing Tree Toys Giveaway CLOSED

Growing Tree Toys is a great online store with gifts from every age.  I love their "gift guide" which allows you to very easily find gift ideas by age range, gender AND price point with ONE click.

To try it out I went to see what I could find for my older boys for under $25.  This item made me literally laugh out loud because if you have boys you know that they would totally love it.  I don't care how prim and proper you try to raise your boys, the love of all things gross is simply genetically built into them.


With the Disgusting Gags & Pranks Science Kit from Scientific Explorer, kids will get to experience science in a new way that they will love! A perfect way for kids to "outsmart" adults, the Disgusting Gags & Pranks Science Kit features over 20 great science experiments that double as gags that will be sure to gross out anyone! Disgusting Gags & Pranks Science Kit makes science out of concocting a stink bomb, making itching powder from scratch, turning water solid, or placing a severed finger in a box. Or, if that's not enough, this disgusting science kit also helps kids make lifelike fake vomit, sour sugar, or a realistic scary spider that will cause quite the stir. While this might not be the science of Albert Einstein, kids will love the unique science of Disgusting Gags & Pranks Science Kit from Scientific Explorer!

And this is just one of TONS of great items you could purchase with the $25 gift card that Growing Tree Toys is offering to one of my lucky readers.

Giveaway Rules
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Jun 17, 2010

Pray for our Youth Mission Team, Day 7

If you've been following along and think that these mission trip experiences sound wonderful and all, but are pretty convinced they aren't for you.  There are still tons of ways to help support missions work.  You can volunteer for more local missions, such as food pantries, soup kitchens or shelters.  Or you can donate time, money or items to the organizations that do missionary work.  I truly believe that we are given different gifts and passions, and that if we all use those gifts and passions properly we will be fulfilled and do great works!!   Just because I felt called to help build houses in Mexico, doesn't mean that you should too.  One of the young ladies went on a trip to do work at an orphanage, in Romania I believe, a few years ago and as much as I can clearly see that would be an amazing experience and fulfilling a great need, it's something I don't think my heart could take.  I think I would be entering TOO broken by such a trip.  But I believe that's why we are each given different hearts, desires and passions.  If you follow where he's leading, I promise great things will happen.

Today's Prayer Requests:

  • pray for the gospel to be clearly communicated
  • pray for God to use each team member

Soccer books review

Big Kicks

Big Kicks
By Bob Kolar
* NEW IN PAPERBACK * Kids of all sizes (and soccer abilities) will get a kick out of this humorous tale of high expectations--and the rewards of being yourself.
 ~ ages 4-6

Big Kicks is a super cute book that my 2 year old loved.  The illustrations are adorable and after spending several weeks watching his brother play soccer, Bryan is in love with soccer too.  The lessons are appropriate for ALL kids, not just soccer lovers.  But is sure to be an extra big hit if you have a sports lover on your hands!

By Mina Javaherbin, illustrated by A. G. Ford
* NEW * "Uplifting and inspiring this . . . book reminds us of the joys and saving grace of friendship and sport. Set in South Africa, this book is a gift for soccer fans and all families around the world." -- Archbishop Desmond Tutu
 ~ ages 6-10

Goal, is geared for a little older kids.  I think Johnny enjoyed it because of its soccer content and his new found enjoyment of soccer.  I'm not sure if he'd have stuck with it if it weren't for his fascination with soccer because he is on the young end of its target range. The illustrations are much more mature and the story includes information on the South African culture.  It's still an pretty easy read and I think its a great tool to stretch kids a bit by using something they already know and love and adding some new stuff to it. Overall, a great story.

You need to relax!!

I seriously can NOT tell you how many times I have been told that I need to just chill out by someone when it comes to my kids.  I admit, I am very often uptight.

I'm pretty sure the reason my oldest child is such a nervous guy is because I was always right behind him telling "be careful. you're going to fall" etc.  And with additional kids, yes I have relaxed in SOME ways.  But I'm pretty convinced I'm not wrong in my constant alertness.  Just last night my two year old fell off the chair at a restaurant when I took my eyes off him for just a second. Granted, it sounded HORRIBLE but he shook it right off so I didn't feel like the WORST parent ever, just not the best!

Before my mom passed she would always get upset with my constant nagging on my kids...but I don't know where she thought I got it from in the first place.  But I also know I do take my restrictions of my kids to a whole new level than she did.  When I was growing up I was allowed pretty much free roam of the neighborhood at about 5 years old.  That was the same neighborhood that we live in now and I still have serious concern about letting my older boys out in our yard without direct supervision.  When the older boys were little I DID use fear tactics to make sure they would not go outside with out me.  They knew that if they went out alone that "bad guys" could get them.  This seriously trouble my mom once when my oldest had a full blown fit when we tried to get him to play outside on my mom's deck without an adult outside.  He basically thought we were throwing him out to be "gotten by the bad guys."

But the truth is, I don't care what anyone thinks about how over protective I am.  The dangers in our area are VERY real.  With 5 or 6 registered sex offenders within a block of our house and multiple shooting deaths in a several block radius, I am NOT being paranoid.

I do my best to allow my boys to have some freedoms and learning experiences when I feel it is safe to do so.  But unfortunately, we simply don't live in a world today where I can tell my kids "Yeah go play with your friends, just be home before dark."  There isn't enough anxiety medication in the state for me to be able to handle that anytime soon!!

Evenflo has just released the Momentum 65 DLX Convertible Car Seat, with features that help make safety, installation and use as easy as possible for parents. Evenflo and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post, and talk about what child safety means to me and my family.

SID THE SCIENCE KID Gotta Know Microphone Giveaway CLOSED

Los Angeles, CA (June 16, 2010):  Preschool kids will have fun exploring the world around them this summer with the new electronic SID THE SCIENCE KID GOTTA KNOW MICROPHONE from Hasbro, Inc., now available at retail for $14.99 (ages 3 and up).

SID THE SCIENCE KID is an animated television series on PBS KIDS®, starring Sid, a funny and inquisitive preschooler. Join Sid and his friends as they celebrate their excitement and curiosity about the world through discovery, activity and fun! Just like the SID THE SCIENCE KID characters on the animated television series, preschoolers can ask questions, tell jokes and sing songs with the colorful GOTTA KNOW MICROPHONE! Easy to use push-button features let you  play a round of applause after you’ve interviewed someone, hear the sounds of laughter or silly sounds when you’ve told a joke and even play the SID THE SCIENCE KID series theme song when you’re ready to sing along! For extra fun, push the “echo mode” button and listen to your voice echo…echo…echo… everywhere you go.  
SID THE SCIENCE KID is created for 3–6-year-old children.  The television series, which airs in the U.S. on PBS KIDS®, has garnered several accolades including four Daytime Emmy Award nominations, Common Sense Media’s Best  series for children 4-years old, and a Parents’ Choice  Recommendation. Developed to inspire a lifelong curiosity and love for learning, SID THE SCIENCE KID appeals to preschoolers’ natural desire to figure out how things work, using humor and music as key teaching tools. Sid, the show’s energetic and inquisitive “star,” starts each episode with a new question and embarks on a fun-filled day of finding answers, inspiring preschoolers at home to think about how to find answers to their own questions. The conceptual content of SID THE SCIENCE KID is based in national science learning standards, cognitive learning theory, and on the preschool science curriculum, Preschool Pathways to Science (PrePS).

Win It!!  Win the Sid the Science Kid Microphone with Sounds and Music here.

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Jun 16, 2010

Pray for our Youth Mission Team, Day 6

If you've never been on a mission trip and thinking to yourself that you missed your chance, its never too late.  While my experiences were all on "youth" mission trips you don't have to be a youth to go on a mission trip.  First, if you have a love for teens, you can go as an adult leader.  For me this was so much more rewarding because I LOVED seeing the growth in where some already amazing kids.  But there are also many opportunities for adult trips as well.  Our church is planning a trip for adults to Kenya next year.  And even if your church doesn't have a trip planned, you may be just the person to start one up, OR you can always find another group that already has one planned as most are open to include others from outside their immediate church etc.  If you felt called to experience a mission trip, it is NEVER too late.

Today's Prayer Requests:

  • pray for the gospel to be clearly communicated
  • pray for God to use each team member

Batter Up!

Monday night officially started the baseball season for our family.  This is the fourth season for my oldest, but first official baseball (opposed to T-ball) and is also my husband's first season as an assistant coach.
They pick a team name by throwing everyone's ideas into a hat and pulling one out and last year they pick Johnny's name, and this year they picked Timmy's name.  So instead of being just the "light blue" team, they are the Blue Rapids!
"Coach" wasn't super thrilled with the light blue color but I think they look GREAT in it.
What do you think???
My Blue Rapids

#4 Johnny

Aren't they cute?

#5 Timmy (I think that's his game face!) 

Not to be left out, Bryan had to get in on the photos

All my guys!!

waiting for their turn to bat



leadin' off




Bryan is VERY much ready to be a big guy and wants to be able to get out there and play.  We HAD to find him one of the boys old hats so he could have a 'bayball hat."   And to keep him from complaining TOO much about how he want to "pay bayball" during the game, I brought a box of his favorites...M&Ms.
After he'd eaten a billion, or maybe it was only HALF a billion, he asked where they went and when he was told in his tummy...he decided the rest should take a short cut.

But then they weren't as enjoyable that way so he went with the ole fashioned route.
But needed to know if they made it to his tummy yet?

After their games we've regularly gone out for ice cream...not sure how much we'll do that this year since their games are ending at or after 8pm.  But we went since it was the first game....

Poor thing, his life is so rough!  I think he had his fill with the M&Ms.